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Massage is one of the most effective ways of relaxing, toning muscles and relieving stress and tension. Stress can affect us in many different ways, building up over a long period of time to produce a variety of symptoms.

In physical terms, massage stimulates the circulation of blood and lymph, soothes and calms the nervous system, relieves tired and tense muscles, and helps the elimination of toxins. Touch is one of the first senses to develop, which may be why massage also helps us to feel nurtured and good about ourselves, whilst becoming more conscious of and connected with our body.

We generally work with a holistic approach, guiding the massage to the individual's particular needs. Massage is more than skin deep, deeper than muscles and bones, a good massage penetrates right to the depth of your being.

We have various therapists, doing various kinds of massage. Just click on the links to find more.

Types of massage

Massage therapists



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