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Aromatherapy is the holistic application of essential oils to improve physical and emotional well being. The essential oils are concentrated essences of plants, herbs, flowers, seeds, fruits, woods etc with powerful therapeutic applications. Some of the oils commonly used are lavender, geranium, sandalwood and rose.

Each essential oil possesses distinct therapeutic properties that help promote health and prevent disease. Supporting and harmonising both body and mind, they have been found to increase vitality alleviate tension and fight infection.

Essential oils can be applied via baths, creams, inhalations, and in the form of massage. Oils are chosen accordingly to individual needs. The combination of therapeutic massage, with the benefits of essential oils, produces a deeply pleasurable yet highly effective way of healing. Together they enhance circulation of blood and lymph, relax and tone tense and tired muscles, improve nervous conductivity and promote an overall sense of well being.







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