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Shiatsu, which means 'finger pressure', is an ancient Eastern body therapy, akin to acupuncture, but involving finger and hand pressure to specific areas and points rather than needles. Its application and use in the relief of physical and emotional disease is as remarkable as is its power in creating health and beauty through relaxation and the release of tension.

Shiatsu is one of the best health care methods in daily life that can not only treat but also prevents disease. Many people are 'half-healthy', and yet if there is no clear symptom, western medicine cannot help them. Oriental medicine, however, is primarily a preventative medicine with the capacity to rebalance distortions even before they become concrete diseases. Shiatsu may rebalance energy but it is the body's own natural healing capacity which is thus encouraged to effect the cure. Making an individual aware of his/her own physical make-up and sensitive to his body when something is not 'right' can h elp greatly in maintaining true health.

Shiatsu emphasises correction and maintenance of bone structure, joints, tendons, muscles and meridian lines whose malfunctioning distorts the body's energy and autonomic nervous system causing disease. Its techniques are primarily those of pressure, stretch and natural movement, but it also calls on the fine energy techniques of palm healing.


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