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Holistic Massage

Massage is a healing art which has existed for thousands of years, Everyone can benefit from massage, whether to maintain health, to help combat stress or to treat a specific condition. Or you may simply feel in need of pampering

How can massage help you?
Massage helps relax and tone the muscles and skin, stimulating the flow of blood and encouraging lymph drainage. This allows more oxygen to reach body cells and get rid of waste, thereby aiding all body systems to function more efficiently.
Massage helps to recreate the need for touch which can be very healing in itself, bringing about a greater sense of balance and well-being
Regular massage improves overall health and helps to combat stress (stress surpresses the immune system). It provides a space for total relaxation in which the body can heal and revitalise. Massage also heightens body awareness, helping redress the balance in a mind-oriented society.


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