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Hélène Lomenech

Aromatherapy, Deep Tissue Massage, Face Treatments, Holistic Massage, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Neuroskeletal Re-alignment Therapy, Pregnancy Support, Reflexology

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A healthy body in a healthy mind, a healthy mind in a healthy body.

Massage Therapist, Reflexologist, Back Pain Specialist.

Born in Brittany, I have been living in New Cross since 1996. I first trained as a general and mental health nurse with the Red Cross in France and have a broad experience over 15 years, mainly in London, in the NHS and in private hospitals. I also worked as a support worker with people with learning disabilities and autism for two years when I arrived in London; an experience which I greatly enjoyed.

My personal and professional development gradually brought me to the field of massage and other types of body work in January 2008 and I have been working exclusively as a complementary therapist since 2009. I have always been fascinated by the body and the mind and the relationship between the two, not to forget the spirit, to be rightfully holistic; and the power of touch, which I became increasingly aware of over time notably in my nursing practice. Immediately soothing and reassuring, touch also allows us to connect or re-connect with one's inner self; I am a great believer of its healing potential, moreover in a world where it is often missing/forgotten (surely in our western countries) or wrongly connoted (sexual, taboo) or wrongly used (abuse).

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Our amazing body always works towards balance (homeostasis) and has a natural ability to heal itself, given the right conditions; sleep, nutrients from a good diet, physical exercise and meditation for example, to mention only a few… And I strongly believe that a regular massage can not only help to restore that body (and mind) balance but also prevent problems such as back pain, headaches and other common physical and mental discomforts and ailments, which in most cases arise after accumulation (toxins, stress, etc), repetition (posture, habits, etc) and a focus on the mind forgetting the body - or the other way around - and their interdependence and interaction.
Prevention is better than cure.

Both pleasurable and beneficial, a regular massage should be part of a healthy routine rather than a treat; it is like a re-harmonising agent, much needed in these days of multiple stress factors (physical, mental and environmental). I recommend it at any age and one must notably remember that children do have stress, back pain and other discomforts too, although they might not talk about it or understand the concept of stress…

Take control over your physical and emotional stress… Help yourself heal yourself.

"(…) peace of mind depends on peace of the body (…). Just as rocks in a river disturb the flow, causing turbulence, so chronic muscular tension in the body interrupts the flow of feelings, producing conflicts and emotional 'noise'…"
[The Spirituality of the body, by A. Lowen - Bioenergetics]

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Of course it also happens the other way around; emotional and psychological tensions interrupt the flow of vital energy in the body as well as the flow of blood and nutrients, creating muscular tensions, dis-orders and dis-eases.
After studying different techniques - holistic/Swedish massage, advanced deep tissue, remedial and trigger point therapy - I offer a holistic deep tissue massage. Slow to give you time and space to connect or re-connect with yourself… Deep tissue to release muscular tension and RELAX… A massage experience which really affects the whole body.

Price list:
- 30min: £40
- 45min: £50 (back/shoulders/neck)
- 60min: £60 (tailored according to your condition)
- 75min: £70
- 90min: £80 (full body)

Other treatments available:
- Face Massage;
45 min £50, 60 min £60 (with Rose oil).
- Revitalising Face Treatment;
60min £60 (no oil).
- Neuroskeletal Re-alignment Therapy;
60min £60. Number of treatments will vary according to your condition but I recommend 2 monthly sessions to start with.
- Reflexology;
45 min £50, 60 min £60.
- Aromatherapy;
Above price list.
- Manual Lymphatic Drainage;
Above price list. Treatment length and frequency will depend on your condition, please call me to discuss.
- Pregnancy;
See Pregnancy Support page for information on therapies.
Above price list.
Home visits can be arranged for Pregnancy Reflexology.

Possible combinations:
- back & face (60/90min)
- back & reflexology (60/90min)
- face & reflexology (60/90min)

FACE MASSAGE is a massage of the face including shoulders and neck; it is not a facial and has no beauty purpose although an improved appearance will often be a result.
Good for: improving blood circulation and lymph flow, releasing tension from the muscles, decreasing stiffness and/or pain in the jaws, assisting in releasing tension in the scalp and face caused by migraines and headaches, helping in restoration of energy after a long flight, harmonizing the whole system/body, regulating and improving sleeping pattern, adding vitality and joy, boosting self-esteem and confidence, improving the texture of the skin and preventing the ageing process.
Recommended for: women and men at any age, pregnant women, children, people with stressful work, teachers, performance artists (appearance, tension), people travelling a lot, people with tendency to migraines, hyperactive types, people suffering with insomnia, those not comfortable with touch (introduction to massage) and very sick people with serious contra-indications to body treatment.

REVITALISING FACE TREATMENT is very different to the Face Massage but shares similar benefits and indications in a way… Its main purpose is to release the tension from the face (and scalp) and create balance in the whole body… Tension which has built up since the day we were born, hidden, created by traumas (physical and emotional), caused by lifestyle and pollution, etc. On a physical and physiological level it re-educates the facial muscles, improves blood and lymph flow and creates a softer, younger and more open appearance. Much lighter and slow in comparison to the Face Massage, it creates an extreme state of relaxation… The "divine face" as one of my clients calls it. Based on Face Therapy, founded by Stanley Rosenberg and revised by acclaimed massage therapist Beata Aleksandrowicz, who added elements of rejuvenating, Indian face massage and energy work into it and who taught me. Course of 3 weekly sessions initially, ideally followed by a monthly maintaining one… Good for everybody notably children.

NEUROSKELETAL RE-ALIGNMENT THERAPY is a gentle and non-manipulative skeletal re-alignment technique, particularly effective following accidents, traumas, sports injuries and to treat back pain in general, migraines and headaches, etc. Only finger pressure is applied (along the spine for the core part) to give a painless treatment which doesn't cause trauma in the muscular system or involve any bone crunching. It promotes total relaxation of the body as well as restoration of optimum skeletal balance. It usually takes longer to treat chronic conditions and old injuries but most people feel better already after one or two sessions! It is actually a very good and safe treatment for anybody to have now and again to help with general tightness and flexibility. Performed over the clothes, it is suitable at any age and in pregnancy. Please visit the website for further details on this amazing therapy, indications and examples of case studies:

REFLEXOLOGY is a science that deals with the principle that there are reflex points on the feet and hands (more commonly but also ears and face) which corresponds to all parts of the body's structures, organs and glands, therefore by working on these reflexes one helps the body to re-balance itself (self heal) and reach homeostasis i.e. a state where the body is in harmony and at optimum health. It is good for optimising blood and lymph flow, facilitating the body's detoxifying and healing process, normalizing all body's functions especially those in problem areas, reducing pain and inducing relaxation of the body and mind… And it is a very good treatment for people who might have issues with uncovering their body as well as children and teenagers.
After 3 weekly treatments we will adjust and plan according to your initial response and your needs.
Health conditions open to reflexology are those that have a basis in stress, pain, fertility issues, headaches, skin problems, digestive problems, insomnia, PMS… and I must add that I have had particularly remarkable results with a number of case studies suffering with ME and Fibromyalgia as well as asthma.

MANUAL LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE (MLD) is a very light and deeply relaxing form of massage working specifically on the body's lymphatic system. It is both preventative and remedial. See "therapies" section for more details on this technique and its indications.

AROMATHERAPY has been used for thousands of years in many civilizations, for rituals and beauty purposes and to heal the body and the mind. It is a holistic complementary therapy based on the use of essential oils, extracted from plants in various ways. The main treatment is a full body massage, combining the healing power of touch and the therapeutic actions of the oils, but there are other ways to use the essential oils in everyday life (bath, inhalation, cream, etc). Aromatherapy can assist with: reducing the feeling of stress, relaxing the body and the mind, reducing physical and emotional pain, alleviating depression and anxiety, improving sleep, detoxifying and increasing energy level and improving skin and respiratory conditions to name a few. Used wisely the oils can also assist in pregnancy and labour

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15% discount for children (up to 18 years old).
10% discount for full time students, seniors (65+) and people on benefits.
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Diplomas and certificates:

Contact: Hélène Lomenech: 07905 607193 or email
             New Cross Natural Therapy Centre: 020 8469 0858 or email

Please give me at least 24 hours notice if you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment; late cancellation or no turn-up will be charged (full cost of planned session), thank you for your understanding.


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