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Pregnancy Support

A time of many physical, physiological and emotional changes…
A Pregnancy Massage can help to:


Reflexology can help to:

Manual Lymphatic Drainage can be very helpful to reduce water retention and swollen legs and ankles which can happen especially towards the end of the pregnancy, not counting that it is a very relaxing, gentle and safe 'massage' to have during pregnancy.

Neuroskeletal Re-alignment Therapy can help if the mother-to-be suffers with headaches, migraines and back pain (common in the last trimester when pressure on the pelvic area and lower back increases). It is also a very good therapy to have just after birth to help the body back into alignment and it can be safely applied on babies too… Particularly recommended if the mother had put on a lot of weight during pregnancy and if birth was difficult and required the use of mechanical helps such as forceps or others.

Aromatherapy is very relaxing and can be used in many ways to support the mother (morning sickness, muscle aches and pains, fatigue, anxiety, prevention of stretch marks, etc) but it must be used with caution… Some oils are contra-indicated during pregnancy or at least in the early stage.


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