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Face Treatments

To put a brave face on
To face up to
In your face!
Keep a straight face
Let's face it
Shut your face!
It's written all over your face

The face is usually the first thing we look at on people; it shows our expressions and our emotions and sometimes betrays us for these can show up even though we might want to hide them. It is a 'storage' place for past traumas as well as long term hidden and repressed emotions (when asked to stop crying in childhood for example) or patterns such as anger, sadness, suffering, frowning, grinding ones teeth etc… It is the mirror of one's attitude to life, one's opinions and beliefs and even one's quality of thoughts. Beside the face (and scalp) has an incredible amount of nerve endings so it is obviously very sensitive to touch; a face massage is instantly deeply relaxing. Work on the face helps to re-connect with our inner self; it is both physically and mentally relaxing, therefore activating the body's natural healing mechanisms.

FACE MASSAGE is a massage of the face (including shoulders and neck); it is not a facial and has no beauty purpose although an improved appearance will often be a result.
Good for: improving blood circulation and lymph flow, releasing tension from the muscles, decreasing stiffness and/or pain in the jaws, assisting in releasing tension in the scalp and face caused by migraines and headaches, helping in restoration of energy after a long flight, harmonizing the whole system/body, regulating and improving sleeping pattern, adding vitality and joy, boosting self-esteem and confidence, improving the texture of the skin and preventing the ageing process.
Recommended to: women and men at any age, pregnant women, children, people with stressful work, teachers, performance artists (appearance, tension), people travelling a lot, people with tendency to migraines, hyperactive types, people suffering with insomnia, those not comfortable with touch (introduction to massage) and very sick people with serious contra-indications to body treatment.

REVITALISING FACE TREATMENT is very different to the Face Massage but shares similar benefits and indications in a way… Its main purpose is to release the tension from the face (and scalp) and create balance in the whole body… Tension which has built up since the day we were born, hidden, created by traumas (physical and emotional), caused by lifestyle and pollution, etc. On a physical and physiological level it re-educates the facial muscles, improves blood and lymph flow and creates a softer, younger and more open appearance. Much lighter and slow in comparison to the Face Massage, it creates an extreme state of relaxation… The "divine face" as one of my clients calls it. Based on Face Therapy, founded by Stanley Rosenberg and revised by acclaimed massage therapist in London, Beata Aleksandrowicz, who added elements of rejuvenating, Indian face massage and energy work into it and who taught me. Course of 3 weekly sessions initially, ideally followed by a monthly maintaining one… Good for everybody notably children.


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