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Psychotherapy and Counselling

At various points in our life we all face times of difficulty. We may be clear what is causing this but often it can seem a bit of a mystery. Sometimes past and current circumstances combine to lead us to feel troubled in some way, stuck or not knowing how to move on. Counselling and Psychotherapy can help untangle situations allowing for clarity and awareness.

Events happen in life e.g. bereavement, relationship breakdown, a health crisis and having some space and time for yourself to work this through can be helpful. Sometimes we get stuck in certain feelings e.g. anger, jealousy, sadness, anxiety. You may be aware your relationship to food, alcohol or drugs may be linked to your emotions.

We may become aware that we keep ending up in situations experiencing similar feelings and suspect there is something important to understand about this and in order to have more choices e.g. in relationships. We may just know we do not feel right or that life could be lived more fully and relationships be more satisfying.

Counselling and Psychotherapy offers a private and confidential service with someone impartial and separate from friends and family. Using their training and experience the therapist will help you to reflect upon your difficulties and bring awareness to what is happening. Often untapped resources and creativity is discovered that can assist you.

Counselling is usually considered to be shorter term and more focused on a specific difficulty. Psychotherapy is usually considered to be longer term and focused on unravelling and clarifying underlying patterns in our lives that repeatedly crop up despite our attempts to change. Couple Counselling is for couples who are struggling in their relationships, or who may be on the brink of splitting up and are not sure whether this is the right step. It can also help with relationships that have gone stale where couples are unsure how and if they can revitalize their relationship. Lesbian and gay couples are positively welcomed.




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