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Nutritional Therapy

Health is much more than just the absence of disease, or feeling 'OK'. It's a state of positive physical, mental, emotional and social wellbeing, which enables you to thrive. The right nutrition, alongside other aspects of a healthy lifestyle, can help you to achieve that.

You may want to:

A nutritional health consultation will provide you with a personalised nutrition plan, based on an evaluation of your individual nutritional, physiological and health status to help you achieve your goals.

Targeted changes to how you eat can optimise your nutrition to match your particular needs, helping to restore healthy functioning in your body's key systems and processes; relieve any symptoms that are amenable to nutritional interventions; enhance your general wellbeing, and so improve your performance.

Clare offers a number of nutritional assessment and health programme packages:
A Bite Sized consultation to set you on the road to healthy eating.
The Eat Well consultation provides you with a detailed nutritional analysis of what you eat and drink, and advice on how to optimise your nutrient intake.
The Optimum Nutrition consultation is for you if you have a particular health, wellbeing or performance issue that you want to address. The aim is to help you understand the influence of eating and lifestyle patterns, and to provide you with a personalised nutrition and lifestyle programme to help you achieve your goals.

For more information visit Clare Casson's Website or look at our page for Clare Ling and Naturopathic Nutrition.


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