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Clare Casson

Nutritional Therapy

Optimum nutrition assessment and advice

with Clare Casson, Nutrition and Wellbeing Coach

Dip BCNH (Distinction), Dip ION, mBANT, CNHC

What is optimum nutrition?

You already know that how you eat now can affect your health and wellbeing in later life.

But did you know that how you eat could also help to alleviate a wide range of common health complaints that can occur at any time of life?

Of course, it's always important to seek your doctor's advice about health concerns. Nutrition isn't a magic cure-all. But it is widely recognised that some of the biggest health challenges we face are lifestyle related, and good nutrition has an important role to play for many of us.

The World Health Organisation states that: "Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity". I share this philosophy. And at its heart is my belief that when you feel at your best in body, mind and spirit, you're better able to respond positively to the challenges of the 21st century: to perform at your best, achieve your potential, and live life to the full.

Optimum nutrition is all about helping you to thrive. If you want to feel the best you can and get the most out of life, actively managing your health and wellbeing with the help of the right nutrition is a great place to start.

Everybody's needs are different depending on their current nutritional status, health profile and what they want to achieve.

Optimum nutrition offers a personalised approach to nutrition that will help you identify what your body needs to get the results you want.

Do you want to...?

Maintain and protect your good health - make sure you're eating healthily and getting all the nutrients you need to help protect your health today and tomorrow, so you can live life to the full now and into the future?

Improve your energy, focus, resilience and performance - find a better way to keep yourself going than coffee, energy drinks and chocolate, so you can get more done and stay ahead of the game without feeling stressed and exhausted?

Restore your general health and vitality - so you can feel more like you used to and recover your zest for life?

Prepare for pregnancy or support your natural fertility - whether you're a would-be mum or dad?

Relieve your niggling symptoms and health conditions - so you don't have to just put up with them? Your GP is always your first port of call, but a nutritional approach may complement medical treatments.

Get the most out of your exercise routine - so you can feel like it's worth the effort and get the results you want? Eat right for your exercise goals, boost stamina and performance, or prepare for a sporting challenge.

Manage your weight - learn how best to lose unwanted fat and keep it off forever without feeling hungry and deprived, so you can look good on the beach, in the boardroom and in the bedroom?

How can a nutrition consultation help?

You want to feel the best you can and get the most out of life, so whichever option you choose, the aim is to help you manage your health and wellbeing positively with a healthy lifestyle incorporating the nutrition that's right for you.

You won't be told off or lectured: the pressures of today's lifestyles can mean it's a major challenge to eat as well as we might like. The aim is simply to help you understand the impact of your current eating patterns, and to support you in making realistic changes that will help you achieve the outcomes you want.

Eat well assessment

Personal nutrition assessment and healthy eating advice

What is it for?

The aim of an Eat Well assessment is to equip you with an understanding of healthy eating in line with the recommended Eat Well plate, so that you can support your general health, energy and wellbeing in the long term.

Who is it for?

An Eat Well assessment is for you if:


What's involved?

What do you get?

The Eat Well assessment is based on a detailed analysis of your 3 day food diary and provides you with:

Optimum nutrition assessment

Personal nutritional assessment and individual nutrition planning for your health goals

What is it for?

Whatever your health goals, an optimum nutrition consultation will assess your nutritional intake and provide you with a personalised nutrition plan to help you ensure that your body gets what your body needs. The aim is to:

Who is it for?

An Optimum Nutrition assessment is for you if:

What's involved?

What do you get?

An Optimum Nutrition assessment will:

Free taster consultation

I offer a free telephone consultation up to 20 minutes long which will:

To book your free taster

Phone me on 07902 686 301 or email me at

Consultation fees

Please call for details of consultations fees and any current promotional offers 07902 686 301 or email me at


Payment is in advance by bank transfer.

Money back guarantee

If you are unhappy with a consultation, I will refund the cost.

Free telephone and email support

You are free to contact me as often as you need to with enquiries and for brief coaching following a consultation. If I am unable to talk when you call, I will arrange a time for you to call back. There is no contractual limit to the telephone and email support offered, however, please note that email and telephone support are not intended to replace follow-up consultations or to discuss and plan options for health improvement plans. If I felt the extent of support required or the issues being raised warranted a formal consultation, I would ask you to make another appointment for an additional consultation and reserve the right to limit support in such circumstances, as it is in the best interests of client safety and wellbeing.

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