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Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Life Coaching


Neuro-Linguistic Programming New Cross


You possess the most powerful tool known to man: the human mind. What would it be like to start harnessing that power to your advantage - to get what you want out of life rather than feeling disempowered by repeated 'failures' to improve your situation?

It's said that insanity is doing the same thing time and time again but expecting a different result. The fact is our lives are like a train - our beliefs and programmes (which, for the most part, we're not consciously aware of) are like the tracks propelling us to a set destination. Look around you - unless you're really enjoying the journey right now and living life on your own terms then it's highly unlikely you're going to love the destination either - be that 1, 5, 10 or 20 years from now.

Most of our habits and beliefs are incredibly useful - they've kept us alive, right? As you're already aware being alive and being happy and successful can be two different things - the good news is that it's never too late to pull a lever and change the destination. That time is now.

The following are just a sample of the situations that NLP and life coaching can help with:

Maybe you just need someone to listen without judging you, all in a confidential and supportive setting?

Why not book a session today - if you don't act now maybe you never will!

As NLP was founded on what works really well in traditional therapies (the modelling of excellence), most clients experience at least some level of improvement fairly quickly. We recommend an initial consultation (allow 90 minutes) plus at least two follow-ups (allow 60 minutes).

Prices: Neuro-Linguistic Programming/Life Coaching - £75


Paul Brown

Please contact Paul Brown for more information or phone him on 07786 731175




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