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Feldenkrais uses movement and awareness to improve both flexibility and function, with the focus on the structural connection through the body. It encourages us to involve more of ourselves, as a consequence putting less strain on joints, and helping to increase our range of movement, thus giving us more choice in how we move.

Dr Feldenkrais, the founder, believed that awareness is developed through experience. The Feldenkrais Method uses movement to re-educate the body and help break down established patterns of behaviour. This allows us to initiate change in how we use our bodies, develop a greater ease of movement, and gives us more choice in how we move.

Feldenkrais is about helping us to reconnect with our natural ability to move. We do this by using an exploratory process of learning, based on the development process. This can be achieved in two ways:

1. Awareness Through Movement classes - a group lesson where I guide students through a series of movements. The movements are gentle, enabling students to begin to move and breathe more easily, stimulating better posture, co-ordination and awareness.

2. Functional Integration - a one to one learning process where I guide the student through a series of movements based on their individual needs, helping them let go of habitual patterns, and providing information directly to the neuro-muscular system.

Both individual and group sessions are appropriate for a wide range of people, young and old, and all abilities. Those who have benefited include dancers, musicians, actors, athletes and martial artists, as well as those with physical pain and stiffness, or neuro-muscular disturbances.

It helps to enhance range of movement, and is also beneficial for those who want to increase their self-awareness and self-expression. The improvement which takes place, seemingly on a physical level, also carries over into mental and emotional levels assisting relaxation and centring.


Raewyn Morrison

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